Future bloc hails Ayrault visit as advantageous to presidential dossier

Future parliamentary bloc hailed on Tuesday the current visit paid to Lebanon by French Foreign Minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault, who is discussing with the Lebanese top officials the solutions to the presidential issue.

“This visit is an additional proof of the deep friendship between Lebanon and France, as well as the French strong wish to sustain Lebanon’s stability, unity, independence, territorial integrity, and institutions,” lawmakers said in a statement following their weekly meeting, renewing calls to elect a new president of the republic.

The bloc did not fail to remember July war, upon its 10th anniversary, highlighting the importance of people’s resistance and the sacrifices of the Lebanese army, in addition to the efforts of Fouad Siniora-led government.

On the financial level, conferees underlined that budgets must be set upon their constitutional date, according to regulations.

Source: National News Agency

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