Future bloc: Principal Key to end crises in Lebanon Presidential election

The Future parliamentary bloc held its weekly meeting on Tuesday under the chairmanship of its leader, Fouad Siniora, with talks touching high on the various aspects of Lebanon and the region’s latest events.

MP Ziad Al Kaderi read the meeting’s final statement in which Future deputies said that within few days, the dangerous presidential vacuum enters its second year, and the principal key to ending the crises in Lebanon was the election of a new President.

“The election of a President is the gateway to re-structure the power in Lebanon at the various levels, and it is the true gateway to take up again the wheel of development, evolution, construction, and reform,” the statement remarked.

The bloc also congratulated the Lebanese on Easter, and cheered the workers on the occasion of Labor’s day, recalling the suffocating and worsening conditions of the Lebanese due to the aggravation of the economic, social, and living crisis.

“Lebanese people suffer from a rising in unemployment, a decline in employment, production and economic growth. This is triggered by the presidential vacuum, which is caused by Hezbollah and FPM,” it said.

The statement also condemned the attack on Aleppo committed by the Syrian regime against the city, civilians, and innocent people. The world’s silence on these atrocities encourages the regime to continue its crimes and extermination of this city.

It finally called on the Lebanese to massively participate in the municipal polls, since this vote was an opportunity for the Lebanese people to prove their commitment to democracy and renewal of institutions.

The statement encouraged Beirutis in particular to partake massively next Sunday for the consensus list of Beirutis, chaired by Jamal Itani.

Source: National News Agency

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