Future bloc: Why can’t the parliamentary blocs that unanimously designated Diab reach a ministerial lineup?

Caretaker Prime Minister Saad Hariri chaired today at the Center House a meeting of the Future parliamentary bloc that focused on the latest developments.

At the end of the meeting, the bloc issued the following statement read by MP Rola Tabsh:

First – The bloc considers that the return to disputes over the powers and required criteria to form the government constitutes the highest denial of the economic and financial risks facing the country, and an insistence on applying policies of escaping the changes imposed by the popular movements in all regions.

The bloc considers that the priority should be on securing the formation of the government as soon as possible and not wasting time on ministerial shares with the consequent failures, the price of which is paid by the Lebanese citizen from his socio-economic stability.

The bloc is surprised that the parliamentary blocs that unanimously named Dr. Hassan Diab to form the government are not capable of reaching a ministerial formation that ends the series of postponements.

Hence, the bloc believes that the confusion around the birth of the government places full responsibility on the president and the Prime Minister-designate, who are constitutionally concerned with agreeing on the line-up and issuing the decrees. It is a responsibility that must be freed from the pressures of politics and parties, and in return notice the socio-economic and monetary pressures that are worsening, as well as the regional developments that put Lebanon in front of the region’s flames and conflicts.

The urgent need is to form the government, and it is wrong to forever push the country and its crises towards a caretaker government, knowing that Prime Minister Saad Hariri did not and will not fail to assume his constitutional and national responsibilities in this regard. He bet on the birth of the government before the New Year according to all presidential and leadership stances who agreed unanimously on this matter.

The Future parliamentary bloc hopes the country will get out of the obstruction tunnel, and calls to stop the suspicious hands that carry the task of designating ministers, and to form, according to the norms, a government that carries its constitutional duties before Parliament, and discusses pressing issues and draft laws.

Second – The bloc expresses its satisfaction with the end of the military escalating tone in the region, and underscored that political dialogue is the only way to prevent the region from entering a new wave of disasters and wars.

The bloc reaffirms the importance of the Lebanon’s commitment to the disassociation policy and stopping the policies of involvement in external conflicts and in the internal affairs of the Arab countries. It emphasizes the necessity of the commitment of the Lebanese state and the relevant ministries before all others to these obligations, and to adopting the required balance in approaching developments, so as not to condemn the attack on Iraq and abstain from condemning other attacks.

It would have been more useful in this regard if the Lebanese positions had approached the regional risks the way the Iraqi leadership approached its crises, where the President of the Republic, of the government and of the parliament, and the spiritual reference Ayatollah Sistani, all refused that Iraq becomes an arena for the American-Iranian conflict, and called to make the language of reason prevail, as well as the adherence to international pacts, and the respect of the Iraqi state and its government’s decisions and assisting it to overcome this serious crisis threatening it, the region and the world with a devastating war.

Third – The bloc expresses its condolences to the brotherly Omani people and His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq Al Said for the passing of Sultan Qaboos bin Said, and hopes that the Sultanate of Oman would continue the path of development, progress and stability established by the late Sultan Qaboos who will be remembered by the Lebanese for his support for Lebanon and his contribution to the reconstruction.

Source: National News Agency

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