GAC MOTOR Embarks on 15,000-kilometer Asian-European Tour to Revisit the Silk Road

MANZHOULI, China, Sept. 16, 2015 / PRNewswire — As a part of the 2015 Asian-European Grand Tour, a motorcade of GAC MOTOR vehicles set off from the Shuiguan Great Wall on September 12 to begin on a month-long journey from Beijing, China to Milan, Italy. The motorcade will cross the China-Russia border on September 16.

GS5 Super and GS4 at the Shuiguan Great.

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The envoys, driving a GAC MOTOR GS5 Super and a GS4 will travel across eight countries including China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria and Italy, passing through more than 60 cities in 36 days.

The 2015 Grand Tour is a cultural expedition along the northern route of the Silk Road, the prehistoric trackway that once brought China goods from Persia, Somalia, India and Egypt in exchange for silk brocades, lacquerware and porcelain.

With the new strategic concept of developing a modern Silk Road, GAC MOTOR aims to revisit the ancient routes and explore the culture of trade and folk customs.

“The Silk Road opened up trade and cultural exchanges, allowing China to build new relations with other civilizations,” said Wu Song, General Manager of GAC Motor. “As a company with a global strategy, this journey of exploring cultural heritages and carrying them forward is essential to us.”

This is not GAC MOTOR’s first time touring across continents. In 2014, the company successfully finished an 18,000 kilometer Asian-European tour from Guangzhou, China to Paris, France that celebrated the 50th anniversary of China-France diplomatic relations.

The GS5 SUVs safeguarded the month-long journey without any technical glitches and proved the model’s outstanding performance against all weather and road conditions. This year, GAC MOTOR is bringing the upgraded GS5 Super and GS4, two premium SUV models ready to handle all challenges.

GAC MOTOR is also the first Chinese motor brand to debut at the 2015 Milan Expo. From August 26 to October 31, vehicles are displayed in the Silk Road Square at the west entrance of the Expo Park, with test drives offered in the exhibition zone.

Upon the motorcade’s arrival in Milan, a Chinese auto industry summit joined by leading organizations and experts will be held at the Silk Road Pavilion.

“This Asian-European Tour is not just a GAC MOTOR adventure to promote vehicles, but also an international exchange that provides the opportunity to understand the culture of other countries along the Silk Road,” explained Wu. “The tour starts in China, then crosses Russia, and ends at the Milan Expo. Along the way the motorcade will see beautiful scenery, visit cultural heritage sites and at the same time introduce Chinese culture to other countries.”


GAC MOTOR is a subsidiary company of GAC Group that commits to developing and manufacturing world-class quality vehicles, engines, components and auto accessories. GAC MOTOR is top among all domestic brands in J.D. Power Asia Pacific’s 2014 China Initial Quality Study and has expanded in the Middle Eastern and South Asian markets.

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