Geagea addresses residents of Qaa: No evil force can separate us from the land of our ancestors

Leader of the Lebanese Forces party, Samir Geagea, addressed on Wednesday the residents of Al-Qaa, assuring them that “no evil force can separate us from the land of our ancestors.”

“While you are preparing the funerals of your martyrs, remember that we are predestined in this region of the world to never give up for the sake of those we love. Remember that our cause is connected with the victory of law, freedom and rights. Resurrection is inevitable. Security and freedom will be restored. The new Lebanon will rise again and the strong Republic will, sooner or later, be built. Our presence on this earth is not a matter of chance,” he said.

Geagea assured Qaa locals that “the sword of law that you have been forced to carry while threat of terrorism loomed on the horizon, has no other purpose but to support the legitimate forces.”

“Justice will win definitely. Evil will be destroyed. Lift up your head, you have protected your land and Lebanon. We are with you and we draw our strength from you,” he said finally.

Source: National News Agency

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