Geagea: Bassil dragged us 50 years backwards!

Lebanese Forces Party Leader, Samir Geagea, expressed his regret Sunday towards the general atmosphere prevailing in the country “which does not promise of a near cabinet meeting in the coming few days,” deeming it “a crime against the homeland!”

Geagea, whose words came in an interview to “Free Lebanon” Radio Station earlier today, criticized Minister of Foreign Affairs, Gibran Bassil, for disrupting the cabinet meeting last Tuesday, saying: ” It is unacceptable that a Foreign Minister disrupts the cabinet meeting for some small partisan gains.”

He added: “If this is the level of the political class, I don’t know where such behavior would lead…”

The LF Chief advised Bassil to lower his political discourse, in order to ease tension in the country.

He stressed that “Bassil took us back 50 years…He speaks with a black heart and shakes the county’s stability.”

Geagea hoped that Bassil’s positions in the South would not be the same as in the Chouf and Tripoli.

Commenting on PSP’s delegation visit to Maarab, Geagea said that discussions focused on the incident that took place in the Mountain last Sunday, the status of the government and the relationship between Christians and Druze.

Source: National News Agency

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