Geagea following Easter Mass in Bkirki: For a revolutionary budget, reform begins from top of pyramid

Lebanese Forces Party Chief, Samir Geagea, called Sunday for a revolutionary state budget while stressing that reform should start from the top of the pyramid.

Speaking after attending Easter Mass in Bkirki this morning, Geagea described the current situation as “difficult”, adding however, “no problem is without a solution,” and “we must exert all our efforts to get the country out of its crisis conditions, asking the Lord Almighty to enable us to do what is good for Lebanon.”

“We are all concerned to spare citizens any harm. At the same time, we must save the country from the dire circumstances it is going through. If the situation collapses, it will entail all sides and no one will be saved,” Geagea corroborated.

“We, as a Party, look towards starting reform from the top of the pyramid down, but the most important thing is not to cheat people with huge and hollow slogans,” he maintained.

“The situation is delicate and we have to work on resolving the crisis in the coming months, so we need practical steps, such as the adoption of a serious budget,” the LF Chief underlined.

Source: National News Agency

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