Geagea: Full basket proposal and reform projects drifting us away from presidential deadline

Lebanese Forces leader, Samir Geagea, said on Tuesday that the currently debated full basket proposal and other reform projects were only drifting the Lebanese farther and farther away from the presidential deadline.

“Those who are serious about achieving the presidential deadline are called forth to head to the House of Parliament and elect a president without losing time — whether intentionally or unintentionally — over highly complicated issues which have been being suggested outside their natural framework and amid very unsuitable circumstances,” Geagea said before a visiting delegation of insurance and traffic experts in Meerab.

Geagea went on to regret the fact that Lebanon remained “a state project en route to resurrection”; however, he lauded the security situation at the local scene, especially amid the simmering regional situation.

On another level, the LF leader said that the existence of diverse political parties was of paramount importance.

“We cannot go on practicing 19th century politics. Politics differ when it comes to social relations. To be an active member at the House of Parliament, one should be a member of a weighty parliamentary bloc that’s capable of passing laws and projects,” Geagea said, citing the example of supreme world powers such as Europe, the US, Australia, and Japan, whose “political life leads a straight course thanks to political parties.”

Source: National News Agency

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