Geagea in televised interview: Iran main side blocking presidential elections

Lebanese Forces leader, Samir Geagea, said on Tuesday that Iran is the main obstruction side of the presidential elections, whereby it considers these elections as a bargain in its hands with no side yet found to pay its price.

“There is a big conflict in the region between the Arab axis and Iran axis, which is tantamount to an all-out war,” Geagea said in a televised interview on Tuesday, cautioning countries like Lebanon to avoid the evil repercussions of such confrontations.

Geagea stressed that stability in Lebanon stems from the political will of parties and an internal Lebanese decision rather than from the spiraling conflict in the region.

Geagea also heaped praises on the position demonstrated by the locals of the border town of Qaa, saying “despite all their pains and throbbing, their resilient stand has been honorable.”

Source: National News Agency

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