Geagea says the popular uprising witnessed is “real”

“The popular uprising we are witnessing in Lebanon is real,” said Lebanese Forces Party Chief, Samir Geagea, following a meeting by the “Strong Republic” Parliamentary Bloc at the Party’s headquarters in Maarab this evening.

“There is no trust in the current ruling structure,” Geagea added, considering that some are taking the crisis in a different direction. “For instance, some assume that if China had invested in Lebanon, we would not have suffered this economic crisis,” he said.

“Is it reasonable that that the minimum constitutional procedures have not been launched in a normal manner?” questioned Geagea, stressing that the Parliamentary consultations ought to have already taken place earlier.

The LF Chief considered that the failure lies in the structure’s inability to secure anything for the Lebanese citizen, the reason for which we see this general characteristic adopted by the intifada.

“To those attached to their positions and chairs, I tell them that the situation is very critical and delicate. We must look at things more seriously so that we do not end up without any post or anything else,” cautioned Geagea.

He expressed the need for a “new independent government of specialists,” while criticizing those who are working to have a government of specialists of their own affiliates, saying, “This is not required at the present time.”

Geagea concluded by stating that “there are parliamentary elections on October 17 that are newer than the May elections, and we must take their results into consideration.”

Source: National News Agency

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