Gisele wants to live on tree-house

Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen dreams of living in a tree-house one day because she is “happiest” around nature. The 34-year-old supermodel says memories of running around on her grandmother’s farm in Brazil as a child, have left her with dreams of living a similar peaceful life with her husband, American football star Tom Brady, and children Benjamin and Vivian, reports

“My earliest memory was going to my grandma’s house, milking cows and collecting the eggs from the chickens.

If I could choose, I’d be barefeet with animals all around me and living in a tree house. Like Tarzan and Jane, that’s my dream.

I’m at my happiest around nature,” she told Vogue magazine.

The blonde beauty, who previously dated “The Wolf of Wall Street” star Leonardo DiCaprio, is a mother-of-two and says that she is planning to take a step back from her busy work schedule next year in a bid to spend more time with her family.

Insisting she has no plans to retire completely, she added: “Not that I’m never going to work again, but I feel like there are periods to your life and priorities shift.


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