Greek Ambassador: We ought to confront terrorists, prevent them from tampering with country’s security

Greek Ambassador to Beirut, Theodore Passas, considered on Sunday that “the region is going through difficult circumstances,” adding that “we ought to face terrorists and prevent them from tampering with the country’s security.”

The Ambassador’s words came during a reception held in his honor by Greek Orthodox Metropolitan Bishop in Akkar, Basilios Mansour, at the residence of former Vice Premier Issam Fares, in presence of several prominent dignitaries and officials.

“We, in Greece, have been suffering tight economic conditions in the recent years, but I must tell you that the only thing that enabled us to remain steadfast is the family, the concept of the family, and the church, which has always stood by citizens,” Passas added.

He hoped that “peace would prevail in the region, despite the hard times,” noting that “we have to really believe in our joint prayers raised to the Lord for peace and security to persist in this country.”

“We must always remain united, regardless of religion or affiliations, so that we can defeat terrorism,” emphasized Passas. He praised herein the efforts exerted by the Lebanese Army and security forces for the sake of preserving security and stability in Lebanon.

Source: National News Agency

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