Hajj Hassan tackles means to protect local products

Industry Minister, Hussein Hajj Hassan chaired a meeting devoted to study ways to protect national products.

During the meeting, Hajj Hassan said “We are going through a difficult phase at all levels… The absence of economic policies over the past years has exacerbated matters. The Cabinet has allocated the latest government session to discuss public finances.”

“At the session, I urged to approach the debate in economic terms, mainly in terms of strengthening the industrial and agricultural sectors as long as there is no possibility for the state to provide financial support,” he explained, noting that the session’s recommendation’s highlighted the need for a review of the agreements signed between Lebanon and other countries.

“Experiments have shown that the solution for the protection of domestic production is by imposing protectionist qualitative fees similar to what other countries are doing,” Hajj Hassan noted, underlining the importance of protecting the industry against competition from imported goods, through the imposition of such protectionist fees.

“It is our right as a country to protect the Lebanese market from the ongoing dumping in quantities, prices or quality. It has been proved that some imported products are being sold in Lebanon at a price lower than that in their country of origin,” he argued.

Hajj Hassan concluded that “the procedures and mechanisms to be implemented will be undertaken by the Ministry of Industry, LIBNOR and the Institute of Industrial Research, in coordination with other concerned ministries and departments.”

Source: National News Agency

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