MP Mohammad al-Hajjar contacted today Egyptian Ambassador Yasser Alawi and the Consul General at the Embassy, Counselor Ahmad Imam, to thank them for the medical aid that Egypt provided to Lebanon.

Hajjar praised “the fraternal initiative of the Egyptian people and their leadership,” and the high sense of responsibility that Egypt always demonstrates towards Arab countries, including Lebanon.

The aid to Lebanon, announced by the Egyptian Minister of Health, was transported by three military aircrafts yesterday, two of which were carrying 15 tons of medical and preventive supplies and drugs to treat Coronavirus patients and to support the Lebanese health sector, and 16 tons of infant milk formula to alleviate the crisis that Lebanon is experiencing today due to the loss of this commodity from the market.

Deputy Hajjar also called on officials at the Egyptian Embassy “to convey his gratitude to the Arab League and its Secretary General for the provided assistance, the last of which was the supply of medical ventilators carried yesterday by the third military plane to support the health system in Lebanon.”

According to MP Hajjar’s press office, the two calls were an occasion to thank President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and the Egyptian government for the political and humanitarian messages of solidarity towards Lebanon and its people, be it in the initiatives and continuous contacts to support the state and bring Lebanon out of its crises, or the assistance that Egypt provides to the Lebanese, constituted in the military field hospital and medical center provided since 2006 and the open air bridge during and after the catastrophic explosion at Beirut’s port.

Source: National News Agency

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