Hakim: Lebanese economy maintains steadfastness despite presidential vacancy

Minister of Economy and Trade, Alain Hakim, visited on Wednesday, the Economy, Industry and Digital Economy French Minister, Emmanuel Macron, at the Ministry at Bercy. Discussions tackled the current economic situation in Lebanon, confirming that the Lebanese economy has maintained steadfastness despite presidential vacuum.

Hakim said that the Lebanese economy succeeded in maintaining a good status despite the power void that has lasted for two years and despite the burden which the Syrian movement to Lebanon imposed on the economy, the security and the labor market.

The Minister also discussed with his French counterpart the importance of small and medium companies’ sector as well as the means of cooperation that can be adopted with France in both digital technology and banking fields.

“The banking sector is a fundamental sector in Lebanon, since it is a cornerstone of the economy,” said Hakim, adding that economic growth requires the development of long-term economic plans to ensure stability and continuity.

Hakim then invited Macron to visit Lebanon and to form a committee for cooperation between the two departments.

As for presidential elections, the minister called on France to help the Lebanese to elect a new president, recalling France’s positive historical role towards Lebanon and the region.

Source: National News Agency

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