Hamadeh: Hezbollah, FPM’s boycott of election sessions prevents election of president

Member of the Democratic Gathering, Marwan Hamadeh, regretted on Wednesday the pessimism surrounding the dialogue sessions, especially that conferees have tried to address, in the first round yesterday, everything related to the “Package Deal” proposed by Speaker Nabih Berri.

“However, it turned out the presidential deadline is not mature enough that a single candidate can be imposed (…)”, he said in an interview with the VDL, noting that Hezbollah and the Change and Reform bloc’s boycott of the election sessions has prevented the election of a head of state.

Hamadeh, also said that the first dialogue session had proved the agreement on an electoral law to be un-imminent because of major divergence.

According to the MP, disputes regarding the electoral law, even if they concern only a few parliamentary seats, influence Lebanon’s future for years to come, “because they confirm or refute the presence of a majority in favor of Hezbollah through a law tailored for the party.”

Accordingly, Hamadeh considered the proposal of the Kataeb party on an electoral law based on a non-confessional single-member constituency to be the best, “but one or two days of dialogue would fail to reach a solution in this regard.”

Source: National News Agency

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