Harb offers condolences to Bonne, meets Lassen

Telecommunications Minister, Boutros Harb phoned French Ambassador to Lebanon, Emanuel Bonne on Friday and extended his condolences over the victims of Nice attack, denouncing it.

On the other hand, Harb met with the Ambassador of the European Union, Christina Lassen and discussed the situation and the latest developments in Lebanon and the region.

According to a statement issued by the ministry “both sides tackled Lebanon’s situation and the constitutional obstacles facing the presidential election process, as well as problems of the region and the impact of the Syrian refugees on Lebanon”.

Harb stressed that the Syrian presence in Lebanon is temporary and should not continue, refusing the idea of naturalization.

He called on the international community, to help the Lebanese government and provide some financial aid for their (Syrians) living.

The Ambassador stressed during the meeting, the response of the European Community and its support for the Lebanese legitimacy to help the Lebanese to restore their democratic life.

Source: National News Agency

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