Harb: We welcome any cellular company that enjoys required technical specifications

Minister of Telecommunications Boutros Harb announced at a press conference held on Friday that he had asked the Cabinet, during yesterday’s session, “why the commotion over the telecom problems at this particular time? Is it because the ministry discovered numerous irregularities and violations therein?”

Harb noted that the Ministry “has prepared a project to be implemented in Lebanon for the first time, later this year, so as to put the country on the global map.”

“Fiber Optics will become functional across Lebanon,” he pledged, stressing that the Ministry’s efforts are for the people’s best interest.

“It is unfortunate to deem the report we submitted to the cabinet as void and not serious,” Harb argued, assuring that “there are documents to verify the report’s content.”

“We are not approaching the case of companies in charge of 4G and 5G Internet distribution from a political angle. We welcome any company that owns the required technical specifications,” Harb said.

He announced that he would extend the contracts with the two cellular companies as per the book of conditions, “because efforts are being made to derail the tender.”

“I will not accept any extension for cellular companies before agreeing on the terms of the tender. I will not approve of OGERO’s contract before having received the approval of the Audit Bureau on its legality,” the Minister assured.

“Those who seek to introduce companies for political reasons shall resort to another ministry,” Harb said, announcing that he will be presenting to the General Prosecutor a notice on the resale of Internet E1 for cellular companies at higher prices.

“I will continue to keep track of all files of corruption and law enforcement in the Ministry of Telecom,” he added, thanking Speaker Nabih Berri for his patience.

“I stayed in the government because I believe it is the right of the Lebanese to live in a state of law,” Harb concluded.

Source: National News Agency

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