Hariri: Many presidents and prime ministers have been assassinated in Lebanon, and we never got to the truth. Perhaps everyone’s expectations were much greater than what the tribunal came out with, but I think that the tribunal came out with satisfactory results, and we accepted them. We believe that many other things are unknown yet, and if they are known and disclosed, they would support the ruling issued today by the Special Tribunal. For example, if we know the eight people who used the eight phone numbers, this would solve everything.

Question: What if Hezbollah refuses to hand over Ayyash?


Hariri: I believe that coexistence is the basis, and if we want this coexistence, every party must admit its mistakes. The country cannot rise if everyone lies to the other. We have to be honest with each other so that we can move to the next phase of nation building. Hezbollah must cooperate on this issue and I think the tribunal has shown a high level of credibility and that it is not politicized.


Question: Don’t you think that the tribunal’s fear of politicization was a major reason for indicting one person. The explosion wiped out the entire convoy of Prime Minister Hariri, so how can this great crime be confined to Ayyash alone?


Hariri: If the tribunal had accused many people, they would have said that it is politicized. Today they accused one person and they still say that it is politicized. For me, as Saad Hariri and as a Lebanese citizen who wanted this international tribunal to do the work and put everything we have in politics so that this tribunal would succeed, I see that the tribunal issued a judgment that we must accept and move forward.– Hariri Press Office


Source: National News Agency

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