Hariri receives ambassadors and honorary consuls

Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri received this afternoon at the “Center house” a delegation from the Honorary Consular Corps in Lebanon, headed by Joseph Habis. It included consuls Jacques Sarraf, Wajih Bizri, Donald Abed and Khalil Zantout.

Habis said that the meeting focused on the political and the socio-economic situation in Lebanon, and the presidential vacancy. The consuls thanked Premier Hariri for his efforts to improve the situation and conveyed to him the greetings of the countries they represent.

Hariri also received the Ambassador of the Philippines in Lebanon Leah Basinang-Ruiz, who said: “It was a pleasure to meet with Former Prime Minister Hariri, who is keen to preserve the best relations between our countries, whether on the political or human level. He expressed his strong support for the efforts of the Embassy in Lebanon to protect the rights of Filipino workers. They are 26232 in Lebanon, among whom 98% are women. And 97% of these women are domestic helpers”.

Hariri also met with the Malaysian Ambassador to Lebanon Bala Chandran Tharman. They discussed the situation and the bilateral relations.

Source: National News Agency

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