Hariri receives delegations from Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad, Lebanese Youth Council, French Ambassador

The President of the Council of Ministers Saad Hariri received today at the Grand Serail a delegation from the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad, headed by the Deputy Secretary-General Hisham Abu Mahfouz, in the presence of the Chairman of the Lebanese-Palestinian Dialogue Committee, Dr. Hassan Mneimneh.

After the meeting, Abu Mahfouz said: “We discussed with Prime Minister Hariri the issue of work permits for the Palestinians. We thanked him for his role in the parliament and his stance that he announced that the decision on this matter belongs to the Council of Ministers.”

He added: “We also discussed with him the results of the meeting we held with the head of the Future Bloc MP Bahia Hariri, who plays a big role in the Palestinian issues. We hope that the problem will not last long in the camps, by finding solutions that preserve the dignity of the Palestinians while preserving their civil rights. Lebanon embraces the Palestinian as a refugee with all the identity documents he holds. Prime Minister Hariri assured us that, especially since the issue is being tackled to find a solution. We are positive about the ongoing dialogue with Dr Mneimneh who plays a major role in the Lebanese-Palestinian dialogue.”

Prime Minister Hariri received a delegation from the Lebanese Youth Council meeting in the Chamber of the Council of Ministers in the presence of the Secretary General of the Cabinet, Judge Mahmoud Makiya.

At the beginning of the meeting, the head of the permanent peace movement, Fadi Allam, delivered a speech on the role of youth and the importance of convening this council.

The president of the “Idea” Association, Lina Hamwi, also spoke about the objectives of this meeting. The President of the Youth Council, George Mhanna, also addressed the Council’s demands and activities.

Prime Minister Hariri congratulated the young people on launching their initiatives, saying that the youth are the future of Lebanon and that the Lebanese Youth Council is in Lebanon’s interest by launching constructive and awareness-raising ideas, especially with regard to the correct electoral role. He stressed the importance of updating laws to keep abreast of developments in the world, promising to pursue the demands and work to implement them.

On the other hand, Premier Hariri received French Ambassador Bruno Foucher and discussed with him the latest developments and bilateral relations.

Source: National News Agency

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