Hariri receives Egyptian Ambassador

Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri received today at the “Center House” the Egyptian Ambassador Mohammad BadreddineZayed who said after the meeting: “I discussed with Premier Hariri the regional developments and the delicate situation in Lebanon. We discussed its impact on Lebanon and I listened to his analysis.”

Question: How do you describe the terrorist attacks targeting some European capitals?

Zayed: “The terrorist attacks the world is witnessing nowadays exceed all limits and confirm the Egyptian point of view which is that all this terrorism, that claims to be related to Islam while Islam rejects it, is interconnected. This terrorism should be confronted in a comprehensive way and there is a need for international cooperation to combat it particularly at the level of information.

But more importantly, the religious discourse should be renewed and the Arab and Muslim youth in the West and the region should be saved from this extremism thought that harms the image of Muslims and Arabs and it is time to confront it seriously”.

Hariri also met with MPs Mohammad Hajjar and Mohammad Kabbani and discussed with them the latest political developments.

Source: National News Agency

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