Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri received this afternoon at the Center House a delegation of families of martyrs and missing persons who were on board the “boats of death” that sailed illegally from Tripoli. He listened to their tragedy and their difficulties in searching for their missing children, as well as their daily life problems.


Hariri started the meeting by praying for the souls of the martyrs who died during these death trips. Ziad Al-Biri spoke on behalf of the families of the two children Muhammad Sufyan Muhammad and Muhammad Nazeer Muhammad and a number of families of martyrs and missing persons.


Al-Biri told Hariri that the people of Tripoli consider him as their father, while the mother, i.e. the state, abandoned her children and did not provide them with the most basic necessities of life. He asked him to make every effort to help find the missing persons and improve the conditions of the inhabitants of Tripoli in general.


For his part, Hariri said that what happened shocked all of Lebanon, but unfortunately, there was no quick official reaction to contain the tragedy. He added that this issue is important to him, and he is working daily and diligently with everyone who can provide assistance in finding the missing persons and alleviating the suffering of their families, especially the Lebanese army, the US, French and German Navies, as well as UNIFIL. Hariri said that he would spare no effort to help the families.

Source: National News Agency

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