Hariri: Vote for the entire “Beirutis List” to preserve parity and coexistence

Beirut Arab University Alumni Club organized a meeting with former Prime Minister Saad Hariri this afternoon at its headquarters in Tarik Jdide, which turned into a large popular rally. Thousands of citizens gathered on both sides of the road leading to the Club to welcome him, and some slaughtered sheep and spread petals of roses and rice at his convoy.

Upon Hariri’s arrival, he was greeted by Beirut Arab University President, Dr. Omar Adoui, MP Dr. Ammar Houry and “Future Movement” Beirut Coordinator, Bashir Itani, as well as members of the “Beirutis List” headed by Jamal Itani.

After the national anthem, the Alumni Club President, Issam Baadarani, welcomed Premier Hariri in Tarik Jdide and offered him a medal.

Hariri then said: “I miss Beirut, and the Arab University, from which Rafic Hariri graduated. I miss Tarik Jdide and its people, who represent loyalty and dignity. In a few days, there is a major popular and democratic event. This event is an occasion to express loyalty to Rafic Hariri and Beirut.

The municipal elections are an occasion to give our voice to Beirut and its people. The people of Beirut are called the Beirutis, and we will vote for the “Beirutis List”. We will vote in order to form a new municipal council, which will address the capital’s problems. If Beirut is the capital of Lebanon, then Tarik Jdide is the capital of Beirut. We will be beside this new municipal council; I will personally follow up its work, in order to guarantee that Tarik Jdide and all of Beirut have their rights.”

He added: “In the previous period, circumstances imposed on me to stay abroad, but now I am here and will remain with you. But the municipal elections, especially in Beirut, have a political meaning. First, does the line of Rafic Hariri still represent the decision of the people Beirut? Does it still represent Tarik Jdide? To have a clear answer, we have to participate massively and vote for the “Beirutis list”.

He continued: “The second political significance is to underline that the people of Beirut and Tarik Jdide still respect Rafic Hariri’s legacy in maintaining parity in the municipality of Beirut, because parity in Beirut is the defense line for coexistence and national unity in all of Lebanon, which is the project of Rafic Hariri for all of Lebanon. And to answer all those who doubt the will of the people of Tarik Jdide, we have to vote for the whole list, as it is, to preserve parity and coexistence”.

He concluded by saying: “We will meet together, with the Beirutis, and with the “Beirutis List” on Sunday at seven in the morning”.

Source: National News Agency

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