Hasan Fadlallah from Tehran: Resistance combats terrorism

Deputy Hasan Fadlallah said “the Lebanese resistance is fighting against Israel and the terrorists to protect Lebanon and preserve its cultural identity”.

“We are invited to take action against the terrorism and reject all forms of justification,” the lawmaker added.

He underscored that Takfirists are striking lots of states and targeting the Islamic cultural identity through the deformation of the image of the Islam.

“Terrorists are striking cultural and religious sites and destroying churches and mosques,” he confirmed.

“Takfiri terrorism is similar to the Israeli terrorism, which targeted the identity of the Palestinian people and its culture as the case is in Jerusalem”, he pointed.

Fadlallah’s remarks came during the meeting of the Cultural and Social committee of Asian Parliaments held in Tehran with the participation of the member states.

Source: National News Agency

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