Vice Prime Minister, Public Health Minister, Ghassan Hasbani, wrapped up his meetings at the World Bank in Washington, where he succeeded in approving a sum of 150 million dollars in support of the infrastructure of the health sector in Lebanon.

During his visit, Hasbani briefed to the decision makers Lebanon’s suffering, due to the Syrian influx, socially, medically, financially, and economically, and the heavy toll all those took on the country’s infrastructure.

Minister Hasabani revealed that the meetings that he held with some of the U.S. officials were positive, noting that the new U.S. administration was aware of the challenges that Lebanon was facing.

Commenting on the U.S. point of view towards ISIS and the interference of Iran in Middle Eastern affairs, Hasbani said that the “U.S. administration is currently working on developing its strategies and approaches to the crises and examining the likely challenges and possibilities.”

Hasbani added “what concerns us as Lebanese is to strengthen our stability and the prosperity of the economy,” wishing a swift return of the Syrian refugees to their homeland so that Lebanon’s economic growth would return.

Source: National News Agency

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