Hashem: Lebanonization of settlement still possible

Member of Parliament, Kassem Hashem, said on Tuesday that the option of Lebanonizing the settlement was still available, especially now that everybody is busy with the regional crises.

“Politicians are well-aware that Lebanon could exit the prevailing crisis if national interest is set as priority, away from commitments to the regional perils which interwine with the Lebanese political crisis,” the lawmaker told the Voice of Lebanon radio station.

He went on to pin great hope on what he described as a big chance before national dialogue members to reach agreement over proposed dialogue table items within the coming three days, “depending on the intentions of dialogue parties”.

Finally, Kassem blamed the existing Lebanese reality for the lack of Lebanese privacy due to its foreign political commitments. He deemed agreement between both sides of the Lebanese political divide as the best way out of the prevailing situation.

Source: National News Agency

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