Minister of Public Health, Dr. Hamd Hassan, on Friday announced an intervention plan, developed by the Ministry of Public Health, to prevent a catastrophic scenario in the face of COVID-19 by coordinating efforts among the Ministry of Public Health, concerned ministries, institutions, as well as relevant authorities, including universities in Lebanon — starting with the Lebanese University .


The Health Minister’s fresh stance came in a meeting held at the Ministry of Public Health, in the presence of the Director General of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Walid Ammar, Lebanese University President, Professor Fouad Ayoub, and other LU professors.


The meeting stressed the importance of establishing a joint platform among universities in Lebanon, under the auspices of the Ministry of Public Health, so that the foundations for a methodology, as well as field and scientific intervention, are established in accordance with a clear plan to confront the Coronavirus pandemic in Lebanon, through thorough coordination in this field.


In a statement he made, Minister Hassan stressed the paramount importance of joining efforts at this stage to reduce the societal spread of the pandemic and its catastrophic effects, especially in light of the surging figures of recorded Covid-19 cases after the implementation of the third repatriation stage, the military court infections, and the spread of the virus in several Lebanese regions.


“Despite the limited cases of societal outbreaks, the intervention plan remains necessary to maintain the containment of these cases and to prepare for a safe return after the mobilization stage,” Hassan said.


The Minister of Public Health also announced that the number of PCR tests that had been conducted so far has reached seventy thousand, aiming towards one hundred thousand.


“In view of the surging number of Covid-19 cases and the lack of respect by many citizens for the general mobilization measures, we may move to a second wave of uncalculated results. What is required for a safe and studied return is to gain herd immunity, gradually and systematically, and under daily supervision and follow-up,” the Minister explained.


“In the event of failure to control this path and this plan, we will have to return to a longer period of general mobilization,” he added.


Moreover, Minister Hassan said that it was mandatory to wear masks. “The Council of Ministers had taken a decision to make wearing wearing masks mandatory,” he said, adding that compulsory quarantine is “no longer a point of view”.


Hassan also warned of painful fines for those who dismiss all the required safety measures in the fight against the novel Coronavirus.


Source: National News Agency

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