Baalbek – Caretaker Public Health Minister, Hamad Hassan, on Sunday, affirmed that “there are no deals at the expense of Corona patients, and no deals over Corona victims or the minor errors that occur in PCR examinations.”


“Today in France, America and Europe, they are referring to hundreds of errors in PCR examinations, and when we in Lebanon conduct between 10,000 to 12,000 tests and there are errors between 4 to 5 results, this does not require posting on social media and rendering them a framework to weaken the determination and will,” he said.


Hassan’s words came during his visit to the Dar Al-Amal University Hospital in Dourres-Baalbek today, where he inspected the Special Corona Section and took part in the Bekaa Corona Crisis Management Committee meeting held at the hospital’s conference room, in the presence of MP Ali al-Mokdad.


Hassan lauded the efforts exerted by the Dar Al-Amal University Hospital and its administrative, medical and nursing teams, in receiving and treating cases of Corona from the very beginning, adding, “My visit today is the first to a private academic medical health institution outside the capital and Mount Lebanon, following the agreement with the Syndicate of Private Hospitals.”


Hassan encouraged all private hospitals to “take the initiative to equip their departments and open their doors to receive Corona patients, because the high number of cases requires responsible and positive treatment by all hospitals, as this issue was a goal and has become a need today.”


The Minister also commended the relentless efforts carried out by the Corona Crisis Management Committee in the Bekaa “so that we would all be together in facing this imminent epidemic that has kidnapped the lives of victims dear to our heart, and recorded very high cases of infection.”


In turn, MP Mokdad stressed that “the sole means to resist this epidemic is to adhere to the preventive standards and procedures,” warning that “if leniency and negligence persist, we will bypass the Italian model.”


Source: National News Agency


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