Lebanon’s Ministry of Public Health on Thursday received a batch of Covid-19 medical aid from the Chinese government, represented by Chinese Ambassador to Lebanon, Wang Kijian, in presence of Ministers of Public Health, Dr. Hamad Hassan, Foreign Affairs, Nassif Hitti, Public Works and Transport, Dr. Michel Najjar, and other senior airport and state officials.

Prior to receiving China’s medical aid, Minister Hassan delivered a speech in which he affirmed that the Chinese initiative translated the true existing friendship between the Lebanese and Chinese peoples.

Hamad said that despite all the challenges that had afflicted China, and despite all the crises, pain, and economic hardships that all the countries of the world had endured, China has proven to be at the forefront extending its helping hand. He also lauded China’s generosity and decision to give and support other nations whilst other countries simply “refrained” from doing so.

“We applaud China for this bright message to the world,” he said.

“At the medical level, we are receiving today PCR test kits; our plan is to increase Covid-19 tests in all the Lebanese regions,” the Minister explained.

“We can somewhat reassure you that random test samples that had been taken at the end of last week were positive indicators of the limited number of cases, and we are still in the process of conducting more tests to verify and trace the virus,” Hamad added.

“Our cooperation mitigates difficulties; without extending a helping hand to each other, we will not be able to surpass the remaining stage to face the Coronavirus pandemic. What we’re doing to curb this virus, as a society and a homeland — with all its institutions and all of its ministries — is a pure white picture in the history of our homeland,” Hamad concluded.

For his part, the Chinese Ambassador said that the Chinese government had sent a plane to provide assistance to a number of friendly countries in the region, including Lebanon.

“The batch of aid contains 3000 PCR tests, in addition to 200 thermometers and other medical equipment,” the Chinese Ambassador said.

“We have been following up on the tremendous efforts made by the Lebanese government to combat the novel coronavirus,” he added, commending the “good results” that have been obtained so far.

He lauded the steadfastness of the Lebanese and expressed his country’s willingness to continue cooperating with Lebanon to help overcome this calamity and to provide more assistance if need be.

“Today, China has made remarkable achievements in fighting Covid-19. The Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, and Secretary General, have made sure to place the safety and health of Chinese citizens at the top of the country’s priorities. The Chinese government has adopted more comprehensive preventive and control measures, all bolstered with strength and confidence. Fighting this disease, the Chinese have made bold contributions and great sacrifices,” the Chinese diplomat added.

Source: National News Agency

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