Hennawi back from Turkey after taking part in Paralympics preparations session

Sports and Youth Minister, Abdel Mottaleb Hennawi, winded up his official visit to the Turkish capital, Ankara, on Monday after taking part in sessions to prepare for Paralympics and rehabilitate sports facilities.

After thanking his Turkish hosts for their extremely generous hospitality and care, the Minister reiterated Turkey’s wish to see Lebanon a united country, and to consecrate this unity via joint projects and investments.

He said that the Turkish Minister of Sports, Akif Cagatay Kilic, has approved to host Lebanese athletes in Turkish Olympics preparation camps.

“He expressed willingness to provide preparations for the Lebanese Paralympics committee and the possibility of refurbishing sports facilities in Lebanon through the Turkish Coordination and Cooperation Agency TIKA,” the Minister added.

“Turkish and Lebanese sides have agreed to automatically renew the agreement that was signed in Lebanon between the two countries back in 2009 and to extend it for an additional five years, to be later activated via the formation of a joint committee whose task is to draft an executive program as of the beginning of 2017,” the Hennawi added.

Source: National News Agency

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