High-end Chinese Brand GAC Motor Serves 2016 NPC and CPPCC Sessions in Beijing

BEIJING, March 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — China’s best automaker GAC Motor’s GA8, GS5 Super and GS4 cars are designated as the service cars for this year’s National People’s Congress (NPC) and Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) meetings currently in session in Beijing, China.

China’s best automaker GAC Motor’s high end GA8 is taking center stage at this year’s National People’s Congress (NPC) and Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) meetings in Beijing.

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The annual “two sessions” is putting forward a series of new notions and strategies and maps out the blueprint for China’s future development. This year, the country’s top legislature and advisory bodies are highlighting environmental protection and sustainable development as the nation’s major development goals. GAC Motor’s reliable and eco-friendly vehicles are selected to transport deputies and members participating in this year’s sessions.

“Developing an independent Chinese automobile brand means that we need to be one step ahead and have the technological innovations of our own while keeping up with policies and trends,” said Wu Song, general manager of GAC Motor. “Green and sustainable development is a new opportunity for Chinese carmakers to stand out in competition with international brands, and developing the most reliable new energy vehicles will be one of GAC Motor’s primary goals in near future.”

Among the three cars serving the sessions, GA8, which took five years to develop, is making a debut as GAC Motor’s latest high-end sedan with its original design, state-of-the-art technologies, high level of safety and eco-friendly features. The car will be released in the market next month.

The motorcades featuring GAC Motor’s cars led by GA8 are now shuttling through delegate’s residences and meeting venues, gaining all attendees’ attention.

The NPC and CPPCC sessions bring together China’s elites and facilitating Chinese brands rise in the international high-end markets is one of the heated topics discussed among the participants. GAC Motor’s success in mid- to high-end markets has drawn great attention from representatives as well as journalists attending the two sessions by debuting the high-end sedan GA8.

A journalist covering the auto market said that he has been watching GA8 for some time and was very confident of the market prospects of this model after experiencing the car during the NPC and CPPCC sessions. He comments, “GAC Motor is praised for its original design, exquisite workmanship and high safety standards, it’s one of the few Chinese auto brands that has succeeded in mid- to high-end market, GA8 not only reinforced the brand’s advantages, but also surprised me in the noise control and advanced configurations, I’m confident that this car will amaze the entire auto industry.”

Named by Yahoo Finance as “China’s New Benchmark Setter” in 2015, GAC Motor is a frontrunner in applying green and sustainable technologies in vehicle production and automotive decoration, such as using 100 percent water-soluble, environmental friendly coating and eliminating harmful substances and dusts in the factory emissions to reduce atmospheric pollution.

As a young and fast developing auto brand from China, GAC Motor has maintained high growth rate for five consecutive years and formed a new industrial landscape with high-efficiency production mode and technological innovations. GAC Motor’s sales volume increased 63% year-on-year which marked the company’s best year in history.

Standing firm in the global market, GAC Motor’s persistence in maintaining high international standards for quality, safety and design has gained positive testimonials worldwide and recognition as a leader of the Chinese automobile industry.

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