Minister of Industry, Imad Hoballah, said in a television interview that “ministerial solidarity is already in place, and ministers have translated it in successive ministerial statement discussion sessions where views were exchanged responsibly and scientifically.”

He called upon all components to show “solidarity with the new government and give it confidence and the opportunity to meet the rightful demands. Prime Minister Hassan Diab and all the ministers are determined to work on the basis that the new government is that of Lebanon and all the Lebanese; a government that takes the country out of the crisis and restores the lost trust.”

He listed a number of measures to support the industry by purchasing raw materials, breaking the monopoly, controlling the borders, encouraging the purchase of national products, supporting exports, and stimulating new industries.

Heoballah urged industrialists to “maintain the quality of production, not to increase prices, and not to dismiss workers in these difficult social conditions.”

Source: National News Agency

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