Hout: Electing president for two years is test for acceptance of Constitution amendment

“Jamaa Islamiya” Deputy Imad Hout said on Wednesday “the proposal to elect a president for two years was not serious from the very beginning but was a trial to see to what extent the political parties would accept the idea of the Constitution amendement”.

On the other hand, the MP said that the municipal elections atmosphere is currently prevailing over Lebanon, adding “all sides are trying to prevent clashes and trying to reach consensus”.

He considered that Speaker of the House Nabih Berri’s proposal to refer the electoral draft-laws to the joint committees was due to the disruption practiced by some Christian sides at the level of the constitutional institutions.

The lawmaker said that what happened did not mean that priority was given to the electoral law “but the citizens’ priorities are postponed”.

“Giving priority to the electoral law would be useless in case deterioration of the economic situation happened,” he confirmed.

Source: National News Agency

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