Huawei Introduces Cyber Security Top 100 Requirements for Selecting Suppliers

Huawei also showcases latest security solutions at the 26th ISF Annual World Congress

ATLANTA, Nov. 9, 2015 /PRNewswire — Huawei today introduced its cyber security Top 100 requirements that organizations should consider when assessing suppliers’ capabilities to provide end-to-end cyber security. At the 26th ISF (Information Security Forum) Annual World Congress held in Atlanta, Huawei also showcased its latest security solutions and best practices that help businesses protect against cyber threats in today’s connected world.

At the Congress, Mr. Antonio Ierano, Cyber Security Expert for Huawei Enterprise Business Group, shared his insights during a keynote speech entitled ‘The Story behind Huawei’s Cyber Security Approach’. “There is a lack of internationally recognized cyber security standards and regulations in the ICT industry and among governments worldwide. Huawei is committed to encouraging governments and the ICT industry to develop and adopt practical cyber security standards. Based on extensive research, we have developed the Top 100 requirements that organizations should consider when assessing suppliers’ end-to-end cyber security capabilities,” said Mr. Antonio in his speech.

The cyber security Top 100 requirements cover 11 key areas: strategy governance and control; standards and processes; laws and regulations; human resources; research and development; verification; third-party supplier management; manufacturing; delivering services securely; issue, defect and vulnerability resolution; and finally audit. Each area details a number of requirements organizations should consider exploring with their suppliers and the rationale behind these requirements.

Commenting on the importance, Mr. Antonio noted, “The Top 100 requirements mark Huawei’s first step towards cooperating with governments and the entire industry to accelerate the development of practical cyber security standards. We look forward to the Top 100 concept becoming an integral part of an organization’s cyber security approach and helping the ICT industry drive greater improvements in product and service security design, development and deployment.”

At the Congress, Huawei also showcased three latest security solutions which help financial and telecommunication organizations as well as governments address ever-increasing cyber security threats. These three solutions include:

  • Huawei Big Data Security Analytics Solution supports the association analysis of massive volumes of key data traffic including logs, contexts and external intelligence information to detect and flag potential risks in timely manner. The solution can also block, trace source of, and eliminate advanced persistent threats (APTs), preventing proliferation.
  • Huawei Anti-DDoS Solution provides a cloud mitigation service through on-premise distributed denial of service (DDoS) detection and mitigation devices with terabit-level performance. The solution also integrates the DDoS protection resources of telecom operators and medium to large-scale IDCs across the globe to provide real-time analysis and response to DDoS attacks. Once the DDoS attack is detected, the solution will provide mitigation services through the nearest scrubbing center.
  • Huawei Cloud Data Center Security Solution provides USG6000V series virtual services gateway with comprehensive security functions to help customers build end-to-end security capabilities with support of Agile Controller or other Software-defined networking (SDN) management platforms.

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