IHEC: A Decision By The Judiciary To Recount And Sort New Stations

Baghdad The Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) announced the issuance of a decision by the judiciary to recount new stations, indicating that it will issue a comprehensive statement tomorrow explaining the full details of the appeals.

A member of the media team of the Electoral Commission, Imad Jamil Mohsen, said, according to the official agency: “All decisions on appeals were sent from the judiciary to the commission, and there is no specific date for announcing the final results.”

He added: “Tomorrow, the Commission will issue an official statement detailing the total number of appeals of 1,436, in which reference will be made to the number of appeals that have been received or that have changed the results, the number of appeals that will be investigated and the contested stations.”

He revealed that “the commission will work within days to reopen stations and recount their votes in accordance with a decision of the judicial authority, and the date for the end of their counting is determined by the same process.”

“After the process is finished, the result will be sent to the judiciary, and after the commission finishes its consideration, the date for announcing the results will be set,” he added.

He indicated that “the total of the appeals that the commission accepted for consideration is 70, then there were 87 appendices to the appeals that the commission investigated and sent its results to the judiciary, and the latter is the one that issues final decisions regarding them, and the new counting and sorting process came by a decision of the commission.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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