In a televised statement … Al-Sudani: The Head of the Media and Communications Commission evades parliamentary questioning

Baghdad  The Secretary General of the Euphrates Movement, MP Mohammed Shiaa al-Sudani, confirmed that the telephone companies did not pay the income tax during the period 2005-2019.

He said in a televised statement followed by the NINA news agency that the debts of telecommunications companies amounted to 1.5 trillion dinars, pointing out that the Media and Communications Authority turned a blind eye to the debts of telecommunications companies.

He pointed out that the head of the Media and Communications Authority, Ali Al-Khuwaildi, evaded the parliamentary questioning, explaining that the Media Authority “colluded” with the mobile companies and “intentionally” wasted public money.

He explained that I was not subjected to political pressure to sue the telecommunications companies.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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