Indigenous Australian dancers DJUKI MALA make middle east debut in Hamra

In a press release by the Australian Embassy in Beirut, it said: “Indigenous Australian dance group, Djuki Mala, commenced the first leg of its inaugural Middle Eastern tour on Wednesday, 13 July at AlMadina Theatre in Hamra.”

Release added: “The multimedia performance-supported by the Australian Embassy and the Council for Australian-Arab Relations – combined traditional Indigenous dance and storytelling, with comedy and modern pop culture.”

Speaking to a packed audience, which included Lebanese dignitaries, members of the diplomatic corps, local performers, and the general public, the Australian Charge d’affaires, Mr Ed Russell, said the group provided an important insight into contemporary Australian society: “The performance tells two complementary stories about indigenous Australia: first, of the deeply-rooted traditions of the world’s oldestcontinuous cultures, whose histories date back over 50,000 years; andsecond, of a group of young, global artists,influenced byart and performance styles from all over the world.”

“In Lebanon, there’s a strong awareness of Australia’s multicultural identity, not least because our large Australian-Lebanese population is a key part of that story.”

“Tonight’s performance will help broaden that awareness by showcasing the incredible richness and talent of contemporary aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artistic traditions.”

Djuki Mala is from the remote Elcho Island, off Australia’s Northern Territory – they rose to prominence after a YouTube video of the group went ‘viral’, attracting over 2.5 million hits. Since then, they have toured to critical acclaim in Asia, Europe, and the South Pacific.

Djuki Mala play will perform a second public show at 8:15 pm at Thursday 14 July, at Madina Theatre, Hamra. Entrance is free, but seats are limited.

Source: National News Agency

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