NNA – The Lebanese entrepreneurs behind the revolutionary dentistry app Toothpick had plenty to celebrate when the digital platform reached its 100-day anniversary recently, after notching up an impressive list of achievements in a spectacularly short space of time.

Fittingly, over 100 suppliers have joined Toothpick since its regional launch in November, titled “100 Days, Let’s Get Digital”, many in exclusive deals. Around 40,000 products are now available to the industry via the app, which has been endorsed by leading Dental Syndicates, and Associations across the three countries in which Toothpick can be found – the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon and Egypt.

In another positive development, the team has doubled in size since November and is now preparing for the next phase of Toothpick’s expansion, with a launch in Qatar imminent and plans to enter European markets in the pipeline.

Toothpick quickly became a major disruptor in the dental industry in late 2020, providing a one‐stop e‐shop for supplies and equipment, where practitioners could browse, compare prices and make purchases. It also makes available key industry information, such as events and courses, news updates and partnership opportunities.

Aside from filling an important void in the market, the app proved to be ideal for businesses providing essential services during the COVID‐19 pandemic, with much of the process undertaken remotely, face‐to‐face contact minimized and hygiene measures adhered to at all other stages.

Toothpick’s status as a rapidly emerging industry player was confirmed at the Egyptian Dental Show, held on mid-February (17-18-19), where the app was a major talking point and downloaded by visitors in large numbers throughout the event.

Dr. Wael Bizri, Toothpick’s CEO, said that he and the rest of the team were delighted with Toothpick’s success and the speed with which it is becoming an essential industry tool.

“As dental professionals ourselves, who were aware of the challenges we faced in our line of work around supply chains and prices, for example, we always knew an app such as Toothpick would be welcomed by stakeholders across the industry,” he said. “However, the rapid take-up and incredibly positive feedback we’ve received has been an added bonus, reaffirming what we already knew – that launching Toothpick was absolutely the right decision.”

His words were backed up by Dr. Ola Taha, a dentist based in Lebanon, who described Toothpick as one of Lebanon’s most successful apps which had finally solved her longstanding restocking and delivery issues.

“Dentists can now see at a glance the fantastic choice of supplies available from different companies and place their orders with one simple click,” she said. “The customer service is also second to none, with assistance provided every step of the way, which has played a huge part in unburdening dentists and their assistants, enabling them to focus on their core work.”

Created for dental professionals by dental professionals, Toothpick is the brainchild of Dr. Bizri, Dr. Mohamed Hammoud, Dr. Mohammad Saad and Mr. Malek Hijazi. It offers practitioners a multitude of benefits which include the opportunity to enhance their operations, increase productivity and reduce costs by making better use of comprehensively compiled data and industry‐related intelligence.


Source: National News Agency-Lebanon

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