Interior Minister confirms Ein Helweh refugee camp will not be hideout for terrorist

Interior and Municipalities Minister, Nouhad Mashnouk, confirmed prior to the cabinet session on Wednesday that the security situation in Nahr Al-Bared refugee camp was fully under control.

“We will hinder attempts to render the camp a safety haven for terrorists,” the Minister said, voicing great trust in the ongoing cooperation between security apparatuses in an attempt to preserve security inside the camp.

In the wake of the cabinet session, the Minister said that Minister Akram Chehayeb has been tasked to head the ad-hoc committee, which is in charge of following up on the solid wastes dossier.

Also, he said that Prime Minister Salam had suggested the formation of an Arab group to maintain contacts with the United Nations and to ensure safe regions for refugees.

“This is something that neither Lebanon nor Syria should be responsible for,” the Minister said.

Source: National News Agency

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