Interior Minister tells CNN utterly refuses use of violence against protesters, rules out foreign meddling

Lebanese Interior Minister Raya al-Hassan utterly refused the use of violence against protesters, ruling out any incoming information about foreign meddling in the ongoing demonstrations up and down the country.

“The country’s political elites can no longer weasel their way out of the protesters’ demands,” she said in an exclusive interview with CNN, adding that the protesters have set the bar very high.

Al-Hassan also told CNN’s Becky Anderson that she did not think that Lebanon had reached a dead end, stressing the need for change in the mindset of politicians. “Business cannot continue as usual,” she added.

Furthermore, Al-Hassan said that forming a technocrat government would be a step in the right direction. She also suggested that caretaker Prime Minister, Saad Hariri, be re-designated to form and head the new cabinet.

The Interior Minister went on to say that the street protests were tantamount to an alarm bell that aimed to shake all the Lebanese political forces, including Hezbollah, whose base had been affected — just like others, due to the ailing economic situation.

As for Hariri’s resignation, Al-Hassan said that it was a partial “not full” victory for protesters since the premier’s resignation was only one item in a full list of demands.

Source: National News Agency

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