Iraq values its relations with Sultanate, says minister

By: Bader Al Kiyumi

MUSCAT: The Sultanate’s role of political moderation through its good offices in bridging differences among regional and international allies based on the development of common interests, is hailed by Dr Ibrahim Al Jaafari, Iraqi Foreign Minister. Dr Jaffari stressed the good relations between Oman and Iraq, and deep rooted history between the Sultanate and Iraq. He also shed light on Omani role towards Iraqi people during the crisis in the country and the positive attitude and supportive towards its government.

The Iraqi minister, during the opening of the Iraqi Embassy in Muscat, said: “My visit to the Sultanate comes in the framework of bilateral relations and mutual interests in view of the positions of Oman and Arab and Islamic countries, the Sultanate is always the focal point.

We are always looking forward to good relations with Oman because of its strategic location in the region.” He hoped that the coming period will witness greater exchange of relations including trade, economic and political. Meanwhile, the Iraqi Embassy in Muscat was opened yesterday, in the presence of Dr Jaffari and Ahmed bin Yousuf al Harthy, Foreign Ministry’s Under-Secretary for Diplomatic Affairs.

Dr Jaffari added that to celebrate the opening of the embassy of Iraq in Muscat is considered an addition to the Omani diplomatic work. He said the presence of IS in Iraq is posing a danger not only to Iraq but also to the entire region and the world. He hailed the role of Oman in fight against IS and he mentioned the speech by Yusuf bin Alawi bin Abdallah, Minister Responsible for Foreign Affairs, at the United Nation as “positive, bold and direct.”

Ammal Moussa Hussain, Iraqi Ambassador to the Sultanate, said that the Iraqi Embassy building is considered as a result of the fruitful efforts between the foreign ministries of the two brotherly countries.

She said that the Omani-Iraqi relations started from the eighth decade of the last century, as there had been, prior to that date, relations which date back to Sumerian era, in terms of ancient monuments which exists between the two countries. Since that period, and the relationship between the two countries has been developing and prospering.


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