Jabak on Pharmacist’s Day: Price reduction will include 3,200 medicines, efforts are pinned on supporting local industry, closing phantom infirmaries, establishing a central laboratory

Public Health Minister, Jamil Jabak, outlined Sunday his Ministry’s policy on regulating the pharmaceutical sector in terms of lowering prices, raising the quality level and activating inspection to ensure proper health among citizens.

This came during his patronage of the Pharmacist’s Day reception organized by the Pharmacists’ Syndicate at the Phoenicia Hotel in Beirut, devoted to tackling the role of pharmacists in the rationalization of the drug bill.

Jabak disclosed that “the reduction of prices will include 3,200 medicines,” adding that his Ministry accords “special priority to restructuring the pharmaceutical sector, thus leading to the provision of great support for high quality medicine at very reasonable prices that are accessible to patients.”

“We have made a commitment and promise to advance the medical, pharmacological and pharmaceutical status in Lebanon, and we have taken the initiative to begin doing so,” vowed Jabak.

He disclosed that efforts will be focused on supporting the local pharmaceutical industry and closing of all “phantom infirmaries” while working to establish a central laboratory to examine medicines, food supplements, water, air and all components related to modern pharmaceutical tests that are very sophisticated and of high quality, in light of the country’s urgent need at the health and environmental level.

Source: National News Agency

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