Japan funds Mine Clearance Operations in North Lebanon

In the context of the continuous support of demining operations in Lebanon, the Government of Japan will grant 579,281 U.S dollars to Handicap International Federation (HI). On January 31, 2020, Ambassador OKUBO Takeshi signed a grant contract with Caroline Duconseille, President of the HI.

The HI has been operating landmines and unexploded ordinances clearance in the northern part of Lebanon since 2011. Great efforts have been poured into Batroun, Bcharre, Koura and Jbeil. Further clearance, however, is still in need to prevent tragedies of landmine accident and to enable economic use of the lands.

The grantdelivered through the Grant Assistance for Grass-roots Human Security Program (GGP)marks Japan’s fourth cooperation with the HI. With this support, contaminated areas will be further cleared, and another 19,112 residents will have access to safety and economic opportunities.

At the signing ceremony, President Duconseille expressed the HI’s appreciation for Japan’s continuous supports. Ambassador Okubo expressed his strong willingness to continue to support demining initiatives in Lebanon and his hope that Japan’s support would have positive repercussions on the lives of those affected in the region.

Source: National News Agency

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