Jarrah: 1960 law has been imposed on us in Doha

“Future” bloc member, Deputy Jamal Jarrah said on Friday “no one is in love with the 1960 law, but it has been imposed on us in Doha. We support proportionality law”.

The MP said that Lebanon was passing through a waiting stage, stressing his bloc’s attachment to the nomination of Deputy Sleiman Franjieh to the presidency post.

The lawmaker accused Iran of hindering the presidential deadline through Hezbollah.

Jarrah said they (Future) totally rebuff the nomination of Deputy Michel Aoun to the presidency post, “as Aoun is Hezbollah’s ally and will fulfill the party’s orders”.

On the other hand, the Deputy said that issues have improved with LF chief, Samir Geagea. “Differences in opinions regarding the nomination of MP Aoun to the presidency post exist between us and LF”.

Source: National News Agency

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