Jarrah: Premeditated void might lead to collapse of state institutions

– “Future” bloc member, Deputy Jamal Jarrah, told the “Voice of Lebanon” radio, “The ongoing planned void might lead to the collapse of the state’s institutions. Total disruption has become an eventuality.”

The MP stressed the need to elect a president, confirming his bloc’s attachment to the nomination of Deputy Sleiman Franjieh.

He added that those who were disrupting the presidential deadline continued to do so, “it is useless to discuss alternatives and names of candidates to the presidency post”.

Responding to a question on the readiness of Hariri to abandon his responsibilities, the lawmaker said: “Hariri is the head of the largest parliamentary bloc. He has a political project to build the state’s institutions and to maintain economic stability. He is the symbol of moderation in Lebanon, so how can he abandon his responsibilities.”

Source: National News Agency

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