Jisr: Kataeb resignation from cabinet won’t stop its work

“Future” parliamentary bloc member, MP Samir Jisr confirmed to “Voice of Lebanon” radio on Thursday his respect to Al-Kataeb’s decision, indicating that “their (Kataeb) resignation from the cabinet will not stop Kataeb’s work, but it would affect their performance.”

“I respect each person’s stance and decision of resignation from the cabinet,” the MP said, adding that based on his personal principles, he considers negative decisions fruitless, especially in the current circumstances in Lebanon.

Jisr wondered where the country would be heading if a cabinet crisis is added to the currently presidential crisis which Lebanon is suffering from.

Commenting on the relation between the “Future” and the “Lebanese Forces”, the MP explained that “our relations have not been entirely cut with any political party, especially the Lebanese Forces,” pointing out to a long history of political cooperation with the Lebanese Forces.

Jisr hoped all the Lebanese would reach agreement to exit the power void crisis.


Source: National News Agency

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