Joint efforts needed to protect marriages

By: Kabeer Yousuf

MUSCAT: It is not just one-sided plea or whining that can protect a marriage from breakup; it should be the constant, bilateral efforts of both the partners that can save your marriage and any ego, false pride or superfluous self-esteem can only worsen things, according to a well-known psychologist.

The epicentre of majority of the marital issues worldwide is intimate life where either of them is not happy with the other for reasons of their own and unless and until these issues are sorted out with the help of a reliable and mutually agreeable person and found solution, they will invariably lead to breakups, he said.

Speaking to the Observer, B M Muhsin (pictured), a Certified Mind Power trainer and Counsellor, said that marriage is a divine relation that joins two different individuals and families and societies who have been living in two different circumstances and decided to sail together in the sea of life.

“Each one is skilled in diverse spectrum of life and a perfect amalgam of respect for each other, love and care and ability to see the positive and appreciate can help the ship go further and further”, B M Muhsin, who is also a Motivational Speaker, Human excellence facilitator, and Soft skill mentor said.

He said maintaining Honesty, having intimacy and possessing humour can work wonders in marital relations. What a man needs is support and listening ears and not a complaint box. On the other hand, what a woman needs is love and emotional support from her partner.

“One need not be the best comedian but he can enjoy the wits of his or her partner and encourage each other. A wife need not be an auto-savvy to appreciate your husband’s brand new car; nor should one be a Mother Theresa to understand the plight of a jobless husband. She can just offer a shoulder to lean upon and ears to listen to his problems. Likewise, a husband need not be a fashion designer to appreciate his wife’s new outfit. Of course, she can discuss her problems with her spouse but not as soon as he gets home after a day-long toiling at work”, the success coach and NLP Master practitioner added. He mentioned that intimacy plays a crucial role in keeping the relationships intact.

“I firmly believe that it is impossible to have a happy relationship without a fulfilling intimate life. A couple that is not compatible in the bedroom is going to have a hard time making the relationship last and what matters here is the mutual talk in a soft tone through day and night which can culminate in success”.

“Ultimately, it is all about trust and once the partners have built all-round trust in each other, one will be able to speak your mind to the other person without fear of what may come.

Muhsin is visiting Oman as the guest of Indian Cultural Foundation (ICF Muscat) and delivered several free sessions on marriage and success in life for the public.

He will have two sessions one in Al Khoudh and another one Rusayl market in the coming days.


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