Jreij back from Cairo: For media to be tool for connection, not destruction

Information Minister, Ramzi Jreij, stressed on the necessity for media to be a tool for connection and construction, not for separation and destruction.

Jreij’s words came in the speech he gave in the context Arab Information Ministers Conference that was held at the headquarters of Arab States League.

Jreij’s speech relied on three points; the first is that Lebanon is an unfragmented part of the Arab consensus; the second is the necessity to take a unified Arab stance against terrorism through a unified media strategy in this respect, especially that terrorism is making use of media to threat people and horrify them; the third is the freedom of media in Lebanon that is consolidated in the Constitution.

The minister confirmed, “Freedom in media doesn’t mean chaos, it must be practiced under the ceiling of law and must serve the high national interest.”

On a different note, Jreij met with “Nilesat” Board Chairman, Major General Ahmed Anis.

The minister said that an Egyptian technical team from Nilesat would come to Lebanon to discuss technical and legal issues in order to reach a consensual solution to the subject relevant to reopening Jouret el-Ballout station.

Source: National News Agency

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