Jumblatt: To preserve Lebanon away from personal calculations, sectarian interests

Progressive Socialist Party Leader (PSP), MP Walid Jumblatt, highlighted the importance of Patriarch Bshara Rai’s visit to the Mountain on Saturday, underscoring that his visit to Mukhtara today “reflected keenness on preserving rapprochement and coexistence among the Lebanese.”

Jumblatt also called on all officials to keep Lebanon away from any personal calculations and sectarian interests.

MP Jumblatt’s words came during the 15th commemoration of the Mountain’s reconciliation, and marking the inauguration of “Our Lady’s Church” in Mukhtara, in presence of a number of prominent political figures.

He affirmed that Lebanon can provide a unique example in protecting pluralism and diversity through constant reconciliations, national unity, civil peace, coexistence and dialogue.

Source: National News Agency

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